In this man’s defense he didn’t actually have this hideous amount of body hair as he is depicted here. There were things that made him just about equally repugnant that I couldn’t draw for a number of reasons. First of all, when I saw him on the platform he had his shirt off. So you have this shirtless old bald sweaty guy on the subway platform, great. Then he gets on the subway car and puts on his tank-top sort of thing. But the thing is that he had it rolled up so it was on his shoulders, but the bottom half was basically aboev his stomach. Then he starts fanning himself like the car isn’t air conditioned (which it most certainly was). He also at one point grabbed onto the bars above him, I don’t know, to give his hairy armpits air? There was a woman sitting two seats away from him who eventually moved to another seat after the excessive amounts of fanning. Which by the way continued on through all the way into Brooklyn. I’ve ridden the subway before while I was hot, most of those times were after I was working out, and the air conditionining has never been inadequate in those situations. Maybe the guy was like Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin and his body has trouble cooling itself down.