You see this all the time in supermarkets and pretty much anywhere something you need is out of reach. You get a person who needs something and can’t get it, but instead of going to ask someone for help they look at the item for a period of time as if it were a painting in an art gallery. Eventually either they’ll suck it up and ask a nearby stock person or the someone will come along and offer them help. The period of time before the asking is hilarious to me because people really do stare very inquisitively at the thing they want.

Often in New York the item in question actually is toilet paper since all stores that sell it and don’t have large enough shelves tend to put toilet paper very out of the way where using a grabber becomes necessary. While on the subject of grabbers has anyone ever seen someone use that the proper way in a store? Every time I see someone use it they just use it to knock stuff off the shelves.