I can’t believe that I haven’t done a comic on this before. I was convinced I must’ve but doing a search through my Ohnorobot account I couldn’t find anything. If anyone remembers a strip that deals with hairs growing out of a person’s wart please tell me. Actually are the ones with hair growing out of them warts or moles? I never knew the difference between the two, and I’m sure a trip to Google would tell me the difference.

Anyway, I was taking sitting ona shuttle bus and there was this guy standing next to me who had the wart or mole with a few hairs growing out of it. The longest white hair had to have been two inches long or so. At what point does a person decide they don’t care enough to either cut or yank the disgusting looking hairs growing out of bumps on their body? Pretty much when you reach that point you’re ruling out any sort of normal communication you can possibly have with the rest of the human race. People will stare at a mole or a wart of course. But one with hair growing out of it is really like staring at a car crash. You REALLY don’t want to but you just can’t look away!! *shudder*