Steve Jobs had his keynote speech at the WWDC. Released the new Mac Pros to replace the Power Mac name. Oh if only I could work in an environment that would need such extravagant spending. Only things I could imagine needing that much would be very high end graphics, CGI work, science and complext math calculations and MAYBE some video and motion graphics sort of thing. I wonder if Steve Jobs uses the full tricked out machine during his Keynote speeches or if he gets one that’s moderately badass. I can’t wait to see people running PC games on one of THESE computers.

Leopard features seem underwhelming. Though the way it uses the virtual desktops I like a lot. As much as I like Desktop Manager, it just looks that much cooler. Most everything else I don’t care much about. Time Machine seems like a pretty cool app but I don’t see myself really needing it.