Back from Otakon in one piece. I’ll post a full con report later. The story behind this comic is related to our trip back. Or rather, our waiting for our trip back. This guy Greg has taken upon himself the thankless task of chartering a bus to and from Otakon for some of us New Yorkers. The trip down was fine, unfortunately the trip back was marred by some technical difficulties. Namely, the bus broke down 25 minutes outside of Baltimore BEFORE it had picked us up. We then waited for over FIVE HOURS for it to finally reach us.

The first three hours we spent waiting inside and outside the convention center just lying around reading manga. Then when Greg got official word on the ETA we went to a bar across the street since we had two hours to kill. It was 6:00 pm at this point, we got our drinks and around 7:00 the waitres gave us a last call for the kitchen and by 8:00 pm all the chairs had been put up on the table and they kicked us out. It was pretty amazing in fact. It really was right about the time that New Yorkers start drinking. I didn’t realize places like that could conceivably close that early.

The bus finally came and the trip back went without a hitch. Though if there had been a hitch I didn’t notice because I slept most of the way back. I actually didn’t get home as late as I was predicting so it all worked out in the end.

Extra extra special thanks to Greg for providing such a service, the delay was unfortunate but of course no one held him accountable (at least I hope no one didn’t because that would be a really crappy thing to do). Photos will be posted later once I get them all together.