You might be wondering “Why isn’t this comic Otakon related?” If you’re asking that, you’ve probably never been to Otakon before. Anyone who has gone to Otakon knows that the food that you end up eating during the weekend is akin to the sort of food you’d be eating on a road trip of some type. That is, mall food court food. Really it’s not going to get much more interesting than that, and if it does it gets really expensive. Since going to a con is expensive in itself one tries not to spend too much on food, but it usually ends up that way anyway.

Back to the point. The Inner Harbor of Baltimore has a mini-mall area which has a food court. One of the places you can eat there is called “New York Deli.” How much they charge for a hot dog is enough to disqualify them from that rather presumptuous name. If they had guys who were actually from New York who work a register fast enough to make me feel bad when my hand isn’t ready to accept change, then I’ll be impessed.