I have a great idea! Let’s build an intercom system to announce potentially life saving instructions but make it sound like our microphone is in an underwater tank that’s on stage at an outdoor rock concert where buffalo periodically stampede because of the immense thunderstorms nearby!

Seriously though, the building I work in has these crappy emergency fire intercoms that get used periodically when they’re telling us that they’re testing them out. Though most people standing close to them can barely figure out what they’re saying. Nevermind the people locked in their offices listening to loud music while working.

There are a few things holding us back from “the future” shown in science fiction movies. For starters, humans will never settle on a color palette for the wardrobe of an entire race, nevermind a single style of jumpsuit. Plus we’re always going to have to clean dust, which means all those sparkly clean future movies are never going to happen. Though I think before we try to do any of the cool things like teleport or create holographic computer interfaces (though those are all very cool) is to fix the freakin’ sound systems of our public facilities.

We have the technology, good microphone and speaker technology definitely exist. Yet even on our brand new Star Trek subway cars with their automated announcements, periodically we still hear the conductor chime in some changes in all their fuzzy feedback laden glory. Only sound technology I don’t want to improve is the stupid freaking walkie talkie mode on cell phones so many people use for no good reason.