This was last week that I saw this. I was at the Union Square subway entrance over by Food Emporium where there was this woman totally asleep on her back at the top of the stairs. Her legs were resting on the steps but her body was all on the top level, and next to her was this guy with a cell phone who I didn’t envy in the slightest. I mean what do you do in that situation except maybe try to wake the person up, wait until they wake up or get a friend who has a car? Not to be mean, but the woman didn’t look easy to help walk around even if she had been more conscious.

The other thing I think about is what were the circumstances leading up to that moment? Obviously there was alcohol involved, but this woman would’ve had to be going to the subway, then maybe sat down and then lay back to fall asleep. Were they taking a rest before going into the subway? Or was it one of those situations where a drunk person just sort of says “Oh look, I’m going to sit here, hey maybe I’ll go to sleep.” Then before you have the chance to protest they’re already off in their own dreamland. I wonder how that guy made it past that night, but like I said, I didn’t envy his position.