Yesterday was a million times better than Monday or Tuesday. I actually missed my transfer in Brooklyn so I ended up walking the rest of the way back to my apartment. It was actually okay because it was a really nice night. My apartment wasn’t quite as stifling hot as the day before but the air was still about as dead. Though I figured out that if the air outdoors is cool I can get some good circulation in my apartment by opening all my windows, turning on my a/c’s fan and then pointing my floor fan out the window.

Though the bathroom continues to be the coolest room in the apartment (temperature-wise). Most likely because it’s also the smallest room in the apartment with a window so it’s easier for it to cool down. Basically as long as one of the other windows in the apartment is open, nice cool air will come through my bathroom window. I even did my Japanese homework in there it was so nice.

Now something I’ve noticed about how people are finding my comic. I suppose with a setting like today’s this next thing should come as no surprise. Lots of people find my comic by typing “poop” into either Google or Oh No Robot. Though specifically mouse poops seems to yield the best results in finding my comic. As of the writing of this rant, my Oh No Robot entry is #3 result in Google when you type in “mouse poops.” Though it also seems that Google will bring up my comic as long as someone types “webcomic” and ANY WORD that has appeared in one of my rants. The other thing I find amusing is that I get a lot of results for people typing in “penny arcade” into Oh No Robot, because of the strip I did about Commerce Bank’s Penny Arcade. Though clearly the people were hoping to find Penny Arcade comics, but they weren’t smart enough to realize that no results would be yielded unless somewhere in a comic someone says “Penny Arcade” or describes it, which most of the time doesn’t happen.