People making out in public is annoying enough, but it’s next level to be making out when the weather is in the mid-90s. When I leave either my apartment or even worse, my office building on an oppressively hot day like yesterday (or today) it’s like the world is exhaling straight into my face all this warm air that envelops everything around me. In other words, it feels really gross and the idea that people could be outdoors getting intimate in public sounds really unattractive to me. For god’s sake, go home to your air conditioned apartments and make out! Even if the idea of being all gross and sweaty from the get go is very alluring to you take it somewhere else!

Funny story about when I was researching how to draw a big water splash for this strip. I was on Google Image search trying to figure out what sort of keyword would give me what I wanted. So I tried things like “water splash” but it mostly yielded real life examples instead of drawings. So then I tried putting in some onomatopoeia words for water splashing like SPLOOSH or GOOSH. The latter sent me to this image of Sean Connery from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because the filename was “Goosh schtepping moransh like you should try reading booksh inschted of burning them!!!.jpg” That made me happy.