I was saying to a friend of mine that I couldn’t wait until the World Cup was over so then I could do a comic about how I missed it. With the exception of sort of following the Red Sox I have no use for organized sports and the World Cup was no exception. That said, I think the World Cup Fever in New York was very interesting to watch, mostly because I’m under the assumption that most of the rest of the country didn’t care. Or rather, areas without the cultural diversity of a city like New York probably didn’t care. New York being the city it is though, it was amusing to see how every deli suddenly had a mini television set up during all hours of the day. I heard updates here and there from friends and people from work, but I didn’t watch more than a few seconds at a time when I glanced over at a TV that was playing it.

I saw “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, “Eat, Drink, Man Woman”, “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Deliverance.” The last three have been on my list for a while. Pirates was okay, but were it not for Johnny Depp there would’ve been virtually no appeal except for the action set pieces. Though in retrospect I only kind of enjoyed the first one, I wasn’t totally blown away but I had a good time. The special effects for this one were totally amazing though. The water pouring down on Davy Jones and his tentacled face was nothing short of amazing.

“Eat, Drink, Man Woman” was very good and positively mouth-watering to watch. I figured it would have a lot of good looking food in it but it was even better in that regard than I imagined. Fortunately I had a big lunch so it wasn’t as torturous to watch. The story was very good too, though I was getting kind of bored at some parts. Though watching movies that are in Mandarin are always fun because I pick some of it right back up, at least from a comprehension standpoint.

“Napoleon Dynamite” was a little more offbeat and obscure than I was expecting. I had already heard there was no plot, and a friend at work said I should watch it with someone else to bounce reactions off with, but I got impatient. There was some funny stuff in it, but I wasn’t very impressed. Not that it’s a movie I think people describe being impressed at. It doesn’t make me interested in anything else the director has done, especially since Nacho Libre just holds no interest for me.

“Deliverance” was the most captivating of the four. This is a movie that has eluded me for years of hearing cultural references to it that I never understood. All I knew going into it was there was some sort of canoe trip out in hicksville and a disturbing scene with the line “Squeal like a pig!” So I’ve finally seen it, and it’s probably even more disturbing than I thought it was going to be. I was under the impression it wasn’t going to be quite as explicit, but it was still a very gripping film. This is the first time I’ve seen Ronny Cox playing someone who isn’t a gray old villainous annoying character. And I think more than ever that time hasn’t been good to Jon Voight. And I suppose I’m to understand that the banjo music in the film is the originator of that little riff people hum whenever they think of banjo music. It seems that whenever I watch a film from this era that’s an “important” film it’s always dark and disturbing. I guess it was just that era.