I’m a huge nerd which means my standard attire is T-shirt and jeans, but I do have a few fashion related comments. This was the sign I saw at an American Apparel store, it had in big letters BFF and the above sale price for those who want to be dressed like mindless fashion drones. For those who aren’t aware, BFF stands for “Best Friends Forever.” A variation is BFFL which is “Best Friends For Life.” Basically it’s a stupid acronym high school girls write on each others’ yearbooks even though they’ll probably never see each other again. Actually that’s not true, the types of people who would use this term are the kind of people who only stay in touch with their high school friends and move back to their hometown usually.

Anyway, “popular fashion” seems to embrace a model in which the nail that sticks up gets hammered. The result of which is when you walk down Broadway it’s not uncommon to see packs of girls who all look exactly the same. Their skin and hair color could be different but there’s really nothing else distinctive about them. Either of them is capable of replacing the other.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that it turns out the fashion industry had long ago perfected android technology and some of these girls were simply living mannequins programmed to walk up and down populated streets all the while bantering about a select number of topics programmed into their conversation algorithms.

Again, huge nerd.