I’m sure this must’ve happened to everyone at some point. It’s the weekend, your alarm clock is set when it always is (at least half an hour before you want to get up, leaving you plenty of time to mash the snooze button). The alarm goes off, you wake up, and that’s it, you’re up. That’s usually me on the weekends, first alarm and I’m totally awake. I’ve already reached that sort of awakeness where going back to sleep just makes you feel crumby afterwards. So I got up at 8:00 am and tried to see if my PS2 worked, sure enough it did, though the disc I use to play import games wasn’t working properly so I went to my SNES emulators until it started working.

Sure enough, by 12:00 pm I was realizing I should probably be feeding myself since I had already done so much despite the day barely starting by my usual weekend book. Unless I totally crash tomorrow morning or on Tuesday I’ll probably still be slightly sleep deprived if I continue to do this for the rest of the weekend.

Incidentally the Narutimate Hero 2 game is pretty fun, despite it’s horrible button mashiness. The animation is all really pretty, and the fighting can be pretty difficult, but it’s very button mashy. I’ve been using gamefaqs.com to get me through the Japanese. I can pick up things here and there and I can read the names which are in katakana, otherwise it’s hard for me to figure out mission objectives.

On SNES I was playing Super Punchout which I come back to occasionally because I like the sound effects. Plus once you figure out the patterns of the guys who initially kicked your ass when you started playing the game it gets to be a lot of fun. I still don’t remember if I ever beat it. There’s a speed run of the game online that’s really ridiculous, though it supposedly takes advantage of some glitch in the game which is unfair.

Plus I’ve gone insane and started playing Final Fantasy VI again for maybe the third time? What the hell is wrong with me?