I went to see Superman Returns with friends after Japanese class yesterday, and since there wasn’t much time to get food we picked up stuff at Whole Foods. I got this tandoori chicken wrap thing that ended up giving me a really bad stomach ache that plagued me during the entire two and a half hour film. Even as I write this now my stomach still isn’t feeling that good, but I’m sure it’ll be better by tomorrow morning. When will I ever learn to follow my instincts? This time they were saying “There’s no way this wrap can be anything but something to fill your stomach, it’s really not going to be good.”

After I got out of the movie I went to the bathroom, of course all the stalls were full. When it came my turn this very unkempt man walked out but I didn’t pay any attention, that is, until I actually was in the stall. It’s almost as if the B.O. was lying in wait for me there refusing to leave the stall. Needless to say I didn’t stay long and got out as soon as possible.

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