This is something that I’ve become very conscious of, especially during the night. I’m not sure if there was a point when it started, but it’s become a habit of mine to walk without making much noise. Though only when I’m wearing sneakers, it’s not worth the extra effort when I’m wearing shoes or boots. The earliest recollection I have of my attempts to walk without sound is when I was a kid obsessed with ninjas (we all had that phase, admit it).

The ninja exercises I would do involved wearing socks to muffle my footfalls, and trying to figure out all the parts of my house’s staircase that would produce a wooden creak. Once I thought I memorized them I would try to walk down the stairs without making a sound, often contorting and stretching my feet here and there. Sometimes in the middle of the night I would try to do this, but be discovered by my mom whose bedroom was right next to the staircase. Off topic, but the other ninja gear I sported was the ubiquitous sock balled up into another sock.

Nowadays I grow most conscious of my walking at night. This is because I walk pretty fast and end up passing most of the people I might even see a block away from me. Usually people (especially women) late at night will give a head turn to a person they hear walking behind to acknowledge that their presence has been detected. It’s my fear that since I walk so quietly that I would end up getting close to a person, and then suddenly casting a huge shadow on them causing them to totally freaking out. So usually if I see a woman I’m walking faster than in distance, I’ll either slow down my walking or cross the street in order to avoid the possibility of them screaming bloody murder when I pass them.

The thing that made me think to do this comic though was I was at a supermarket and passed a stock guy who actually did yell out a bit when he suddenly turned around to find me there.