I got the import of the new Naruto fighting game because when I saw the trailer for the US release, I realized that it wouldn’t have any of the original voices. I’ve reached a new level of geekdom, getting video games that I don’t understand and have little possibility of understanding without either learning more Japanese or getting a walkthrough. Thing is that my Playstation 2 has this overheating problem.

Though it’s worse than it sounds because if it’s hot and humid enough it simply won’t turn on. It at least makes sense for it to be overheated after an hour or so of play, but to not turn on at all is ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s a design flaw that was fixed later or if I just have a bum PS2, but it’s a problem that’s plagued me for at least the past couple years. If I even leave it in standby mode I can feel that it’s warm to the touch. Though after reading a recent study it makes sense considering how much electricity it’s actually using in standby mode (The Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 waste 17.52 kilowatt hours per year in standby mode, which translates to about $2.63 in electricity costs).

Long story short, I still haven’t been able to play my game, nor do I anticipate having the opportunity in the near future if this weather continues.