Before you ask whether or not he touched any of those ingredients with his hands, be reminded that it’s all make believe. Little side note, the dog poop is one of the first things that I drew when I was copying the drawings out of comics as a child. I had a ton of Doraemon comics (translated into Chinese though so his name was Xiao Ding Dong) and that’s how the mangaka drew poop of various types. I thought it was really funny so I remember using up sheets of paper trying to get it just right. I also used to make that shape in ceramics class or with silly putty when I had it.

Anyway, it’s officially summer and the stench of Chinatown is only going to get worse. If you walk around the Grand Street subway station in the evening either during or after business hours you’ll get a whiff of that unique Chinatown smell that’s an amalgam of all the things you don’t want to smell, COMBINED. Don’t ask me why I put Chinese cabbage in, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing because I really like Chinese cabbage (good in soups), I just needed another ingredient.