In one morning I spilled water from mug I thought was empty and also spilled a little orange juice on my keyboard (it’s fine, but some of that dried juice is never coming out). Some mornings you can just tell from the get go are the beginning of a very absent minded day.

People at work who’ve seen my pile of napkins will know that the last panel here is only a slight exaggeration. I have an extremely large pile of deli napkins that I never really needed to use but continue to get every day. I don’t know when it started, but at some point I refused to throw away deli napkins that I don’t use, even if it’s going into the recycling. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the pile later so that you can see. Anyway, the things I usually get for breakfast are either a bagel, muffin, croissant, fruit cup and sometimes a bacon, egg & cheese on a roll (though I haven’t had that in a while).

The bagel is really the only one that necessitates the use of napkins because of the excessive amount of cream cheese they put on. Usually I take a half then squeeze it causing the melting cream cheese to ooze out on the sides whieh I’m sure this makes my bagel look all that much more appetizing to anyone unfortunate enough to watch me do this. Then I squeeze that onto the half piece of paper it was wrapped in and toss that in the trash, then wipe my hands with a napkin. This way there isn’t any cream cheese left on the tin foil that could then get on the bagel when I set it down. (I’m certifiably insane I know, I probably shouldn’t be explaining this much about how I think). So really in this process I’ll use maybe two or three napkins out of the six that I get in the big wad they give me.

I get breakfast from the same deli virtually every morning so this really has created quite the pile of napkins. The water spillage barely made a dent in the massive pile I’ve accrued.