Heh, care to venture a guess as to where I was yesterday? Went to Anime Next in New Jersey, first anime con that I’ve been to other than Otakon. It was very small and the only thing that I made a point of seeing was the panel with Rintaro (director of Metropolis and several other anime) and Masao Maruyama who is a producer at Studio Madhouse. Other than that most of my time was spent taking pictures of cosplayers. The dealer room was pretty small and didn’t have much to offer that was terribly unique.

Friends of mine were cosplaying Temaki and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, I have several pictures that I’ll post later. The thing that we noticed was how young the crowd was. The chief example of this was how packed the main events room was during the English voice actors’ panel featuring that guy Vic who does the voice of Edward in Full Metal Alchemist. Every few minutes there was a raucous fangirl scream that threatened to make our ears bleed. It should be noted that nearly every single person attending this panel then left even though the next panel was with actual creators of the anime they’ve been watching. Most of the crowd obviously have been cutting their teeth on Cartoon Network released anime.

The bright shining sign of hope for the future was the four-year-old niece of another friend of mine. It was her first con and she was having a very good time. The highlight for her was meeting a Cloud cosplayer and generally spreading ridiculous smiles to everyone around her, especially since she was wearing a Deathnote T-shirt. She also apparently thinks that Sephiroth is the cutest. There is hope for the future.

By the time the evening hit there really wasn’t anything else so we caught the bus back home and went back to civilization.