Ever since the first sound class I took at NYU I’ve been curious about getting my ears irrigated, because supposedly it’s almost as if you have super hearing afterwards. The way I understand it is that they essentially have a high pressure mini-hose with warm water or some other solution that they spray into your ear which melts the earwax and then comes out into the plastic trough or something they hold underneath your ear. A friend of mine at work has had it done a bunch of times and says it’s awesome. Though when I went to my doctor a while ago he said that I didn’t seem to have any earwax. Granted I had cleaned them that morning, but saying I had none was complete bull.

I don’t think I have inordinately waxy ears, but the headphones I have are pretty irritating enough without dealing with that. The thing about my headphones is that the cords to each ear are uneven. You’ve probably seen people wearing this kind of headphone, the left ear from the splitter to the actual earbud is about five inches. Whereas the RIGHT ear’s cord is about NINETEEN inches. Don’t know what the designer was thinking, it’s supposed to go behind your neck? Even if that’s the case, what happens is that if the cord get slightly snagged the left ear is INSTANTLY pulled out which gets very irritating. Also, if the cord is just between my iPod and my shoulder strap, if there isn’t any slack, the left will start pulling out so I have to create slack so it doesn’t. Terrible design. Only thing is that the sound is much better than your average Apple earbuds.