Pretty much the only part of this strip that didn’t happen is that I’m not the one who peed on a church. I’m going to protect the identity of the actual person, but they know who they are. I was on the Southeast corner of Washington Square Park when two Asian guys came up to me. I took off my headphones because I assumed they were going to ask me for directions. The guy in front then did exactly this, he asked me if there was a church that I went to or if I had been to church before. His English wasn’t very good though so it took me a second to interpret what he said. I then awkwardly said no, waved goodbye and left them there.

I have no idea where the conversation was going. Either they were going to offer me a church to go to or they needed a church recommended to go to, the possibilities are endless. The other thing I wondered was why did they single me out? Was it because I’m Asian? The scenario I find most amusing is that they took a look at me and thought “Hmmm, you look particularly God-less, I’m going to help this guy out.” I wasn’t wearing anything outrageous though so maybe it’s because I’m Asian and looked like I would listen.