If you live in a big city you know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the homeless guys who you always see in the exact same spots. Now, I’m not talking about guys who have a section of sidewalk where they ask for money, I’m talking about guys who look like they’re constantly at their home base, like that’s where they spend all their time and maybe where they turn in at night time. But these guys aren’t even asking for spare change, they’re just there seemingly all the time. I thought the idea that these people are only there are the times in the morning and evening when I go to work and go home at the end of the day. How am I supposed to prove otherwise without hanging around the area during work?

Anyway, there’s one guy who sits on the bench at my subway stop in Brooklyn, he’s got a pillow for his butt and his little boom box, and I barely ever see him talk and have never seen him ask for money. Sometimes I see him walking around the street. He’s just a fixture of the subway, I bet all the subway workers know him very well. The other guy is at the subway stop around where I work, this guy is always there sitting on a milk crate, and I’ve never seen him talk at all, he’s just sitting there when I leave the subway station. Sometimes he smells bad, though I notice his eyes look very bloodshot all the time.