You think I’m just paranoid about using a stall in a bathroom with only two stalls? Is that what you think? Well yesterday I was vindicated! I’ll try not to be too graphic because, some people just can’t take it. Basically I went to the bathroom and made a sound that misrepresented the end result of my bathroom visit, but the person in the next stall wasn’t in any position to judge objectively (nor did I wish him to be in such a position, that would’ve been ten times worse). They did actually whistle as if to say “Holy crap dude!” and ask who it was in there. They guessed wrong, and found out it was me instead.

So yes, my paranoia has been totally justified by this experience. Part of me always thought/hoped the other person would be too embarrassed to say something, but I was proven entirely wrong.

No real reference for the name Ted, though Alec is the name of one of my freshman year roommates who was rather unhygienic. Plus his radio was set to the Spanish radio station and would always go off when he was in the shower, forcing me to turn it off. Keep in mind, he was a SUITEmate, not roommate, which means that an alarm clock two rooms over would wake me up in the morning.