I often think that panels before the last one are a lot funnier than the last one. This comic is one of those cases, because I just think it’s funnier that he’s not really scared until he realizes he might miss his subway stop. I’m still amazed to this day that I’ve never slept through my subway stop. Last night I was dead tired after a long day at work and then hanging out with my friends until late, so by the time I was on the subway I was that guy who almost leans on the person next to them after falling asleep.

I’m re-evaluating my perception of what it would be like to sleep on a cloud. Commercials and such have cloud made basically of big enormous puffs of cotton. Though I think if an actual cloud were capable of supporting a person’s weight it wouldn’t actually be all that comfortable because it wouldn’t offer the proper support to your body. I think all that air and vapor just makes me imagine a form of uncomfortable hammock. The largest puffiest goose down pillow in the world sounds better to me.