After a very late night at work I met up with some friends at the new Apple Store at Fifth Avenue. I only had to wait in line for maybe a half an hour or so and then I was in. We entered the MacBook giveaway a bunch of times, but sadly didn’t come in on top. The store is enormous, though actually not as big as I was expecting. It’s 20,000 square feet apparently. I think the fact that it was mobbed with people made it feel smaller. We went to get some drinks in between Macbook giveaways. Though uptown continues to suck on a number of levels. We ended up going to a hotel bar where beers were a criminal $6.50 each. It was still fun though, we geeked out a whole lot about video games and good stuff like that. I haven’t had the opportunity to geek out that much in quite that way in a long time and it was very refreshing.

The MacBook is pretty nice, the keyboard feels lighter than previous laptops with not quite as much bounce in the keys. Though the spacing of the keys makes me picture all the gunk that’s going to build up in between them as it gets older. The left side is definitely hotter than any other part of it. The magnetic power thing is pretty cool, holds stronger than I thought it would.

The built-in iSight cameras on the computers really is very cool. All the computers were on the network so you could do video chatting with random people in the store and try to figure out where they were. You can really tell which products are the most popular. The store felt like at least 50% iPods, maybe another 20% were laptop related things, a healthy load of iMacs and then there were a few G5s in the corner.

You might’ve guessed I took this photo using one of the laptops and the Photobooth app. I also took some pictures with my friends and I. As I write this I’m watching the sun rise which means it’s time for a nap, I suppose.