So yes, I have my new video card and I was putting it through the paces this weekend. It has more VRAM than my previous card so I was seeing how it runs the games that I played with my old video card. Consensus is that the Doom 3 port for Mac sucks all around and will never work as well on a Mac as it will on a PC with the same specs. I also read that Doom 3 doesn’t use both processors too. It’s kind of annoying that there’s a slight pause before a door opens.

I tried the Jedi Knight games which are near and dear to my heart because frankly, who the hell doesn’t like being a Jedi? Those games are harder than I remember. Anyway, I was able to run them at 1280 X 1024 with all the settings turned up, pretty sweet. It wasn’t silky smooth, but it ran about as well as I remember it running.

For the uninitiated, Doom 2 isn’t even a true 3D game and it’s over 10 years old now (man, I’m old). Anyway, if you try running Doom 2 on a current computer, not only can you turn the settings up to ridiculous detail levels, but you actually get kind of motion sick from how smoothly it runs. At least I did.