This was what happened after going to see Mission: Impossible 3. It was very late, on Cinco de Mayo no less. I was on the subway and I’m pretty sure the speaker was set to 11, because my headphones were on and it was still damn loud. My earbuds are pretty good at cancelling out exterior noise too.

Anyway, there were these two girls sitting across from me (one looked like Audrey Tautou’s bitchy sister) who were getting very irate at the conductor, to the point of cursing them and telling them to shut up. I mean really, what did they expect? For all I know the conductor was completely obvlivious as to the volume level of the speaker. Unless their mouth was directly on the mouthpiece, I doubt they had any idea of how loud it was. It’s not like they were going to stop announcing something as major as a complete subway line not running at all that weekend. Anyway, I found it amusing.