This is the thing that happened to me when I went to see Mission: Impossible 3 this past weekend. The guy text messaging two rows down dwas annoying enough, but the annoyance the guy to my right provided was more like Chinese Water Torture. Sort of slower and more insidious in some ways. His deal was that his phone was set to silent, but instead of ringing it had a little green light that would blink every couple seconds or so. I tried to block it from my view, but it just kept on going. I think the person called twice and that’s why the guy picked up. But I was able to see that it was indeed an unknown caller. He didn’t end up talking to them. I don’t know why, whether or not it was a wrong number or they cut off or what. At least it didn’t ring anymore after that. When the hell are movie theaters going to implement that cell phone blocking technology?