So yeah, Playstation 3 with 20GB hard drive is $499 and 60GB for $599. It seems as consoles get faster and more powerful, upgrading them is going to be like upgrading a PC every few years. Granted not quite as expensive, but it’s certainly getting there in a hurry. I haven’t watched the latest trailers for the next generation games on a proper monitor yet, but I’ve seen enough to know that it looks abso-freakin’-amazing. I think if I ever do take the next-generation console plunge it’s still going to have to be with Sony on the Final Fantasy grounds alone. I think Final Fantasy is the only game I have serious loyalty to at this point in time. Nintendo’s draw for me are the Zelda games and the Metroid games, though aside from that not much else. Xbox has the Halo franchise and I still want to play Ninja Gaiden.

Though when I really think about it, Final Fantasy is the only game that I’ve said to friends that when the next game comes out they won’t be seeing me for at least a few weeks or however long it takes me to beat it with any semblance of satisfaction. There’s a trailer for Xenosaga III and I still haven’t even played Xenosaga II. The last game I beat was Shadow of the Colossus which was relatively short. The only games I’ve really been playing recently have been hack n’ slash sorts of games that can be played an hour or so at a time, like God of War or Devil May Cry III.

The whole next generation console thing is just money waiting to get spent though, because to get the full experience, I’m really going to want to have an HDTV and probably a better sound system. So I’m in no huge rush to spend all that money, especially when I still haven’t beat Devil May Cry III which I’ve had for ages. I’ll probably get around to the next generation when rumors start about the generation that will follow that one.