If you haven’t realized by now, I’m all about keeping things moving quickly and smoothly. How I order food is no exception to this rule. I’ve ordered enough times from different places to know what are the questions they’re going to ask me, so I try to say everything up front so they don’t have to waste time asking me the questions. If you get a meal at Wendy’s they want to know what soda, if you want cheese and whether or not it’s to stay or to go. They’re not consistent with asking Biggie sized or not so I don’t mention it.

This conversation is verbatim the order I made when I was at Wendy’s yesterday morning. No, I’m not in the habit of eating a lot of fast food lately, but on weekends my judgment lapses because I don’t want to make my own food and if I’m hungry I’m hungry. The only thing different from what happened in real life is that I didn’t pause to think when she asked me if it was to stay or to go. This is why I don’t want to ever work a register again. I feel like my brain is dying from other things as it is, it doesn’t need the extra help.

I was drawing this strip on my subway ride home from a friend’s place, and a couple asked me what I was doing. I briefly talked to them, told them about the comic and that was pretty much the end of it. Not much of a story, I’m just putting this here because they’re probably either going to read this tonight or sometime tomorrow. morning. WHOA! FREAKY! We like, just talked to this guy, and now he’s talking about what we did, and it’s on the internet now. Freaky huh?

That wasn’t meant to sound condescending, if it did, apologies. So to mystery subway couple, if you’re reading this and you liked the comic, then shoot me an email. If well, you didn’t like it, tell me what I’m doing wrong. Of course this also applies to other new and regular readers. I always enjoy hearing from you.