I ended up seeing Mission: Impossible 3 last night with some friends, but I had to work a few hours overtime before I headed up to the theater. When I was eating dinner with my co-workers I was telling them my theory about how the jerks who talk during movies will be at bars and not at the movies. They brought up the counterpoint I hadn’t considered which is maybe I’ll just end up in a theater full of drunk people. I was very worried, because while I was waiting for my friends in the lobby there were some extremely loud and very drunk people. The audience overall turned out to be pretty good overall.

One cell phone rang which was annoying, and there was a guy two rows down text messaging at one point during the movie. I tried to block the offending light from my peripheral vision with little success. Plus there was a guy next to me who had his ringer on silent, but what this meant was that I had this little green blinking light in my peripheral vision that was also really anoying, probably even worse than the text messager. I’m going to do a comic later about the other thing that irritated me during this screening so you’ll have to find out later.

Plus there was this hispanic guy who was being unreasonably stubborn about getting a seat next to his girlfriend. His girlfriend took the seat at the far left of a row, and basically this guy saw that there was an empty seat that was definitely closer to the right side of the theater. So he wanted the MAJORITY of the row to move to the RIGHT so he could get a seat on the far left. And while he was arguing with the row, and the usher his girlfriend is sitting eating her popcorn as if nothing is happening. At one point he went to the far right, and apparentlly CALLED his girlfriend who was still on the left side. He finally got a seat, and some people in the audience applauded this guy finally sitting his butt down. I hate when people like that are allowed any sort of satisfaction.

The movie was pretty fun, arguably the best of the three I’d say. The first was cool, but really so ridiculously convoluted that it was just ridiculous. The second was terrible terrible terrible. First of all, Chow Yun-Fat should hold a monopoly on John Woo doves. I mean, in Face/Off there were doves, but I wouldn’t say they were used to enhance any one character. Tom Cruise however gets to walk by a flaming door that a dove flies through and whatever. The movie was just bad, the villain was lame as were his motives. Trailer was better for the second one.

This one was kind of ridiculous in that every time you changed locations you knew something pretty was going to blow up. Or you’d see a wide shot of a large setting and know that it wasn’t going to survive the scene. But still, the heist, completely impossible to break in places sort of setups were cool, there were some fun stunts and shots. The camera shakiness got kind of irritating, but it was okay. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a nice villain, even if he was barely in the film. The sound was really loud, but it was a good fluffy summer popcorn flick.