Anyone who has done some sort of tech support, whether it’s for their parents or for their job has probably run into this sort of scenario a number of times. This happens to me at work all the time. Someone will call me into their room with a computer problem, then while I’m just standing in the doorway they’ll already be talking themselves through the problem and end up solving it all by themselves without me lifting a finger. Then they sort of embarrassingly thank me for coming to “help” them.

I’m starting to believe that there is some sort of collective energy that tech support people generate or feed off of that is exclusive to only them. This is the energy that comes with them when they enter the room the problem exists in. This will cause either the person to figure out their problem on their own, or make the problem magically disappear such that it cannot be recreated while they are in the room. I always say I wish there was some sort of way to bottle this energy so that everyone could keep it in their room to ensure that their computer is working all the time.

Though if this theory is true, I think all this energy is usually used up by the time we go home, which is why our own computers can be breaking all the time.