I just thought of this before I ordered my breakfast this morning because I was getting a garlic bagel which I haven’t gotten in ages.

Sometimes I watch or read interviews where someone gets asked who their influences and inspirations are. Whatever they answer I wonder how they came to realize that their work was sincerely affected by those people, because I have trouble placing my influences. Though sometimes doing this comic makes me realize a lot of my influences. I think the Simpsons definitely, because I think I unconsciously ripped them off when Homer’s head explodes after he finds out Marge is pregnant. Some of the out of control vocal outcries are often inspired by Jhonen Vasquez and Invader Zim. I think a big influence is also Sealab 2021 because of it’s brilliant sense of comic timing. I’m not always sure I can come close to how they use time since I’m doing a strip and that show is animated, but I certainly try.