So my computer’s video card is all sorts of messed up right now. This weekend I was taking a nap, and when I got up to wake my computer the monitor looked something like this. So I went to the Apple discussion boards to find out if it was my monitor or not. Someone suggested reseating my video card which I did after much unneeded difficulty due to the fact that the AGP slot has some sort of plastic tab tha tclips a part of the video card and it’s very hard to unhook it, especially when you don’t know that you have to. I also almost bent off a protruding piece of the card, I don’t think I damaged that part though. Anyway, after I restarted my computer the distortion was at a bare minimum so I thought I had fixed the problem.

The following morning the problem was back and it’s still here now. I guess I just need a new video card. It would be cool to get an all sorts of spiffy one, but really what would the point be? Play games? HAH! Only thing is that this is an older monitor with an ADC connector which Apple has since abandoned. So I’d have to get an older card anyway because the newer cards are only going to have DVI connectors. Grrrrr… The battle continues. This just makes me wonder if this is going to happen to our work computers a few years from now. Not that I’m entirely sure I’ll still be around by then.