I hate it enough when stupid marketing buzzwords get overused, but I hate it even more when it makes NO SENSE AT ALL!! Seriously, just picture the meetings that occurred before naming it HD Radio.

“Hmmm, we need another word to make it sound good, we can’t just use digital because almost all audio is digital anyway. Hey, those HD-DVDs are coming out, people are excited about those, how about HD Radio??”

“But sir, how can audio be high definition? Plus our audio is only CD quality.”

“YOU’RE FIRED! Okay we’re gonna call it HD Radio.”

And then more to the point anyone who’s anyone plain doesn’t listen to the radio. It’s the age of digital music and podcasts, we can now organize the music or radio-like content that we want to listen to like never before. Who is really going to listen to the radio where you get to have commercials for medicines which then have disclaimers that have been sped up to the point that it’s just barely audible, but really difficult to hear. Like the website says too, the audio is only CD quality, hardly a revolution. The only thing I know higher are those DVD audio CDs that I doubt most people listen to or even know about.

“Excuse me, but ‘proactive’ and ‘paradigm’? Aren’t these just buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important? Not that I’m accusing you of anything like that. …..[pause]….. I’m fired, aren’t I?”

-Former Itchy & Scratchy Writer, The Simpsons