This actually happens to me at work and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Where I work I’m one of four assistants. Typically we try to have it so that there are at least two at the office at all times. Usually I step out mid to late afternoon to get lunch or to run a quick errand with one of the assistants I have lunch with. Lately the workload at its absolute busiest has been steady throughout the day. Though in acutality it’s been sporadic with periods of me looking for something to do.

One of the other assistants is looking for another job right now, and has been spending all his time at work either doing nothing or job searching. This is not an exaggeration when I say that there are full days when I haven’t heard his name called once (except to order lunch with) or seen him do a minute of actual work. This is the guy this comic is based off of. The situation has been that if I say I want to step out with my friend (while the fourth assistant is already out) this guy protests because he’ll be the only assistant in the office for fifteen to twenty minutes TOPS.

I could understand this if he was doing something when we left because there’s a chance someone might need something else done right away that he can’t do at the same time. But the fact of the matter is things have been slow, he’s doing positively nothing when we go to lunch, and the odds that during the fifteen minutes we’re gone suddenly two people will have jobs that both need to be done right away is really unlikely. So the only other explanation one can draw from this is he’s stopping us simply because he doesn’t want to have to do anything at all.