I’ve been sitting on this comic for a while because this is what happened to me and a friend of mine on St. Patrick’s Day. The restaurant in question is Harry’s Burritos on West 3rd Street between La Guardia and Thompson. I don’t remember the food being so amazingly spectacular, but I had wanted to go for a while, because people where I work get lunch there often and it always smells amazing. So basically the primary reason I was going to this place at all was the smell.

Lo and behold I go get a table, and someone at the neighboring table has terrible B.O. The group of people was pretty big too so I wasn’t entirely sure who the perpetrator was. Needless to say the smell effectively negated any good smells coming out of the kitchen. Thankfully they left after maybe ten minutes and I was able to enjoy my dinner, but things weren’t looking so good those first ten minutes.