I haven’t lost a fare on a turnstile in years, but I still get irritated if I get the “Swipe again at this turnstile” message because it makes me feel like a newbie at the whole subway thing. 98% of the time I get it on the first swipe, leaving behind the people who don’t quite swipe their Metrocards in the right way. Which is why it’s so irritating/disheartening when I have to swipe multiple times and a person behind me has to either wait that extra couple seconds or even decides that I’m taking so long that they’re going to try the turnstile next to me.

I usually figured that swiping the card at a speed that wasn’t too fast or slow was the optimal speed and that people who tried to do it really fast were just kidding themselves. But one time recently a friend told me to swipe it fast when I didn’t get through on the first two swipes and I felt kind of like sixth panel of this comic. As if my membership would be revoked after this inability to get through on one swipe.