I ordered the DVD from my wishlist recently (Only $10 baby! WHOO!!) and just received it today along with some other DVD impulse buys that were around $10 or under. Actually as I write this I’m still watching it. I love Star Trek: First Contact so much it’s one of those movies I just can’t stop watching once I start. I think it’s a number of things aside from it being an awesome and totally badass movie. Star Trek: Generations was all right, but really most people were rather disappointed in it on a number of levels. Plus I think the filmmakers either didn’t have as much money as they wanted or were just being lazy, because when the Klingon Bird of Prey blows up in the movie it’s the EXACT same explosion from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, look for yourself.

So on top of Star Trek: First Contact being the movie that I had wished Generations had been it’s also about the Borg. Everyone loves the Borg, ’cause they’re just so freakin’ awesome, especially with a nice movie budget to back them up. The manner in which the universe is explored more and familiar parts of it are used in cool creative ways like when they go into the holodeck, plus little fanboy moments like Barclay’s appearance and whatnot. Some of Alfre Woodard’s questions are also really amusing “How much did this ship cost to make?”

I could go on and on, but I think I’m either preaching to the choir or boring people who don’t care about Star Trek. There really aren’t shades of gray when it comes to the Star Trek fandom.