No I don’t have a bagel fetish.

I went to Bergen Bagels today to give them a second chance since a friend of mine mentions it every now and then whenever I talk about bagels. As a result of my trip I have made an official judgement on them and their bagels. They’re better than your average deli bagel, but they fall short within the grand scheme of bagel businesses that make their bagels in house. Of the bagel shops I frequent at this point in time I put it in third behind Terrace Bagels and Bagel Bob’s. Though really they’re third by default because I’d probably place them at a five.

First time I went to Bergen Bagels I got a plain bagel with lox and cream cheese. Their lox was kind of stringy and if you got a strong enough string it might actually yank a large piece out which is unacceptable. Plus I noticed that the crust of the bagel was rather tough. I attributed this to it being not the freshest bagel, that is until yesterday.

Yesterday I had to go to work (and ended up working about nine hours) so I decided to start the day with a good bagel for breakfast rather than a crap deli bagel. I got a raisin bagel with cream cheese. On the way out I noticed the bag was very warm so I got excited about eating it on the subway. I take a bite, the crust was still tough. Herein lies the apparent problem with Bergen Bagels. The outside is too tough and the inside too soft. The effect most certainly does not balance itself out. If the outside is too tough then no matter how soft the inside is, you end up chewing for too long and it sits in your mouth. Toughness also increases the chance of ripping off a larger chunk of bagel than you originally intended.

In my mind, the best bagel should have a lightly crispy outside with a sort of medium softness on the inside. This feels nice to bite into and it goes down easily after not much chewing. This is the kind of bagel I usually end up eating way too fast because it’s so good.

This is another reason I don’t want to move to the West Coast. I hear they have bagels too, but they’re weird and bready.