Every year they have montages during the Academy Awards, sometimes they make sense, but mostly they’re pretty random and waste a lot of time. Growing up they were my favorite parts of the Oscars but lately they’ve become kind of annoying. Why do we suddenly need a montage of film noirs this year? It’s not like it was a groundbreaking year of film noir. Plus during the montage of epics it became completely clear how it has been a bad year for Hollywood and they want people to go to the movies again instead of watching their DVDs, playing their video games or using the internets as their entertainment. It was just about a desperate cry for our business after almost an entire year of box office receipts that were consistently down when compared to the previous year.

The montage of the old cowboy movies was funny though, but that was Jon Stewart’s thing.

Another Academy Awards come and gone, and once again people still think that the entire thing continues to be stupid crap with little or no meaning. Crash being the big upset this year since everyone and their mother thought Brokeback Mountain was going to win of course. In my mind if Brokeback was going to win I thought that Good Night and Good Luck or Munich would’ve been next in line.

When I heard the nominations I thought Crash was the random one that was just kind of there, the random wildcard you didn’t see coming. I have friends who hated the movie with a fiery passion, and others who didn’t like it because it was pretending it was treading new ground when really its’ messages weren’t all terribly original. The film for the most part worked on me and I was sucked in, but I can recognize in retrospect how it’s about as subtle as a sledge hammer and that at its heart not all that original. Most comments I’ve read online from it’s winning the Oscar are that people think it was good but not great.

The rest was mostly predictable except for the “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” which I didn’t see coming. I’m glad they reduced the category to three nominees ’cause it’s probably one of the least favorite awards since it’s kind of a weird category to begin with and it takes up so much more time in the show than we want it to.

I thought the costume designer’s acceptance speech was kind of weird when she said something like “I thought it was really brave of Hollywood to make this movie because it’s about a woman…” I thought she was going to expand on that thought, but she didn’t. I liked Jamie Foxx’s side remark after he read the completely stupid copy of “Two nominees are British, two nominees are American and one is South African American.” I know there are only so many ways to lead into the nominees but who the hell is pulling that stuff out of their ass? That was almost as bad as Nicole Kidman’s lines which were something like “The winner will either be a big bearded guy OR a corrupt police officer OR a boxing coach OR a gay cowbooy OR a mob boss.” What the hell kind of clunky writing is this? Sounds like when you’re in fourth grade and learning about sentence composition, and your teacher says not to use too many conjunctions.