1000 Comics. I’m glad that I was paying close enough attention to mark this one since I missed my 500th. I was going to show a wider range of comics, but I realize it didn’t actually take that long to get the character more or less where he is now. Drawings still look weird to me even only a year back, but they’re still close enough that it’s not worth juxtaposing. I like looking at how different the drawings are because to me that gives me a bigger sense of accomplishment than this being my 1000th comic.

For another page from the past check out the cached homepage at archive.org in all its Comic Sans glory!

As for what the future holds I still don’t know how much longer I’m going to go on. My biggest fear is not realizing when the comic has lots its steam, and subjecting people to lots of old formulaic comics where I’m really just repeating myself all the time. I’m always saying that I’m running out of ideas, and despite momentary bursts of inspiration, it’s increasingly hard to come up with new ideas or new ways of seeing old ideas every weekday.

I still have a bunch of ideas for where the site can go from here. I still haven’t abandoned the idea of opening a Cafepress store or joining some other website for T-shirts, and other useless little things you can buy with the character’s face on it. Part of it is laziness, the other part is I have no sense of design for such things.

I say in my About page that the most important thing about this comic is that it keeps me creative for at least a few minutes a day, and this still holds true for me. At this point in my life this site is the most extensive creative endeavor I’ve ever undertaken, and certainly the thing I’m most proud of.

So thank you all for continuing to read my comic, it feels great to see that the number of readers has roughly tripled in the past year and a half. As always I hope I’ll continue to be able to write an entertaining comic for however long the comic goes on for. If you get the time send me an email with any comments or feedback. Every small note or comment is very much welcome and appreciated.