All right, it’s my fault for not pre-registering. But it’s THEIR FAULT for booking a comic book convention in the biggest city in the country, using only a third of the convention hall, and then letting people wait in line for over an hour before announcing there would be no on site ticket sales. I read also that the part of the convention they’re using isn’t even the larger part of the Javitz Center ceither.

Basically I got there at around when events were supposed to start and first it took forever to find the end of the ticket line. The staff looked very flustered and there was much confusion about just where the end of the line was. I finally found it and at first it wasn’t moving much at all which was bad in itself, but compounding that was this annoying guy in front of me complaining about the line not moving.

Ever stood near a person who talks to themselves in such a way that it seems like they’re fishing for someone to respond? That was this guy. He had a denim jacket with all sorts of patches on it of various nerdy fandoms. He also was trying to get people sign some petitions he had going online. I didn’t hear the details though.

The dumbest thing about the line is that ticket holders and non-ticket holders were all mushed together, but most of the people didn’t have to be in the line. There were staff perusing the lines for people who had made online purchases, but it was still quite unorganized. I got about halfway through the line which was moving all right, then this woman with a megaphone comes around saying that there weren’t any tickets being sold. The line promptly dispersed. I asked if there was the possibility of buying tickets for Sunday but she said I should try online. Of course I had been trying in previous days to do that but their stupid website wasn’t working. Then when I got home the site said that it was sold out.