My mom and sister called me the other day about the snowstorm. Actually even my cousin called to ask what it was like, and this was pretty much my reaction. It’s funny to me that we can be hit by this huge snowstorm that broke records, but in the end it didn’t matter all that much. Even the day of it was only a mild inconvenience. I only had a hellish time because my cell phone was lost, otherwise I would’ve been living it up sledding with the rest of New York. But now the big piles of snow on cars are diminished, the sludge in the street is mostly gone (with the exception of the sludge on corners that create puddles of ambiguous depth).

If anything some things have been more convenient, because the D train has been stopping at Dekalb Avenue making my transfer much easier. I’ve already missed my photo taking golden opportunities because it was the best the day of and with the weather being as warm as it’s been, this snow isn’t hanging around for very long.