The few times I’ve been in a car between Williamsburg and my neck of Park Slope it’s been a bit of a debacle. First time was probably during the strike and that was going local, nevermind the extra traffic due to the strike. I didn’t really have to worry about it that much though ’cause my friends were driving and I was going to be really early to work as it was. The other times going to Park Slope from Williamsburg I got cab drivers who barely knew their way to the BQE from Williamsburg.

The first guy actually got so lost he stopped the meter amidst him asking other drivers for directions. I didn’t end up paying more than I would’ve had he not gotten lost. The second guy said he knew how to get to Park Slope from there but ended up asking directions anyway, though he didn’t take as long figuring it out as the first guy.

Last night the guy knew where he was going and I was there in what felt like ten minutes, but was probably closer to fifteen. As you might’ve gathered from the comic, this guy was going REALLY FAST. I barely thought it possible to get between those two parts of Brooklyn in that amount of time. I was starting a one sentence text message when we got onto the BQE and by the time it was sent we were almost getting off. I couldn’t help but think of the Crazy Taxi video game and how applicable it was to that situation.