I actually did clean my apartment pretty thoroughly this weekend. I haven’t done a good cleaning in quite some time. I still have giant piles of DVDs sitting around my apartment because aside from my TV stand and its inefficient shelf space I don’t have another shelf for my DVDs. Partially because I don’t know where I would put one, but mostly out of sheer laziness. My desk is usually the messiest because that’s where random bits of mail and giant piles of DVDRs and CDRs sit around for months on end, and it tends to be the last thing I get to so by then I’ve run out of momentum.

So I did all my dishes, put away my recycling and even scrubbed my tub which was getting kind of discolored. Plus I think my drain was a little clogged so I dumped some Liquid Plumber down it. Actually scrubbing my tub was pretty gross because I was running the water, but the water didn’t drain fast enough so then I had all this gunk floating around in the water. So then I got out of the tub, let it drain, run the water more and then finished off. My bathroom is really dusty for some reason, I don’t know where it comes from, but the rim of my tub will get dust on it almost every single day. Plus I had a lot of stray hair around too.

If you’re not disgusted yet then read this paragraph. I have this long hallway at the entrance of my apartment (I’ve lined the walls with movie posters and wall scrolls, sort of a mini gallery) and this hallway seldom gets cleaned because I’m only in there when I leave and come home. Plus there’s a closet in there so that’ll be the other reason. So since I’m not there often I just assumed it could only really get dusty in there from me treading all over with my dirty boots. I got out my swiffer and ran it along the hall. I think I collected enough hair to make a wig for that girl from The Grudge. Plus I found a dead roach.

So yes, apartment is mostly clean. Dead pests have been smashed and thrown away, computer space has been freed up, DVDRs and CDRs are safely put away in organized CD wallets, tub is clean and all’s well in the world. Except for my lack of a DVD shelf, I’m working on that. Oh, and I have a mirror I haven’t mounted on my door yet.