I didn’t see a single second of the Super Bowl and I don’t feel any worse off because I just don’t give a damn about football. Actually the only part of the Super Bowl I did see was when I downloaded some of the TV spots for upcoming movies for this year. Around 9:30 pm or so I went to the supermarket because I had basically finished the bulk of cleaning my apartment so I had time left to make dinner (Granted I did end up eating at 11:00 pm, but I’ve done that lots of times before).

I had the idea for this comic when I left because when I saw people on the street I knew I could say with barely a shred of doubt that none of those people were football fans at all. There could be reasons football fans would be out on the street like making a quick beer run or they decided to run to someone else’s party, but I think for the most part it was a safe assumption.

The supermarket was rather amusing because of the signs that indicated it was Super Bowl season. First of all the potato chip aisle was completely raided, there were big Heineken kegs out where they aren’t usually, and they had moved the magazine and candy racks out of the way to make the aisle space larger.