I watched about three quarters of the State of the Union address, but got pulled away because of a combination of my head started hurting and because I was still at work. In general I don’t like to get political especially in social situations becaue I’m not a very politically minded person, but even I can tell when someone is spouting off complete and utter political nonsense. It basically seemed like half of the State of the Union had to be spent on other countries and the war on terror so that they wouldn’t have time to get to any things going on in our country that could be seen as bad.

The general reason I don’t like to get political in social environments is that even if I came up with some sort of opinion I wouldn’t be able to back it up with any intellectually minded argument. Sometimes I find it hard to get into non-political group conversations even if it’s not about politics, so I’ve just decided it’s not my thing so I’m not going to pretend it is by even trying. Because quite honestly I blink my eyes blankly when I hear someone described as a Libertarian or some other political party. I look it up sometimes afterwards but as soon as the page closes I forget it all because I just don’t care.

Yes, that’s right, I get my “real” news from the Daily Show, but I don’t have any qualms about that. As I’ve said many times before the only news I read regularly is computer news, movie news and Fark.com. Only when I started reading the Gothamist did I ever hear about current events in the New York region and it was predictably upsetting to suddenly be hearing about all the accidents and murders that go on. I suppose it could be considered dangerous to be ignorant of current events, but I care so little I don’t even know how to end this sentence.