So the ending to the story of the lost cell phone isn’t actually all that interesting, but there are a few tidbits that are rather amusing. This person had custom ringtones depending on who was calling. He had “We are Family” playing for when anyone in his family called. His mom called, his brother called and his grandmother called too. I only answered it twice before I realized this person gets a lot of phone calls. Plus I gave him my number so I figured he would’ve called that.

Most amusing of all was how long it took his mom to realize it wasn’t him. I kept on saying “No no, your son lost his cell phone and I’m the guy who picked it up for him.” To which the response was “No, Marcus, THIS IS YOUR MOTHER.” That phone call took much longer than it should have. He didn’t end up calling until around late afternoon the following day but we made the exchange and parted ways.

Yay good karma for me.