They say beggars can’t be choosers, but I think in New York you really can because of how many different things you can get for maybe two dollars and under. Aside from the dollar menus in fast food restaurants you could get bagels with cream cheese, knishes, pizza and the totally awesome dumplings for only one dollar. Not that this adds up to very good nutrition, but the point is that there are far more options here than anywhere else for that price range.

The dumpling stand in question is this place around Allen and Broome Street. You can get five pan fried pork dumplings for ONE DOLLAR. Or four larger pork buns. I think you can get them steamed too. They also sell them frozen thirty in a bag for six dollars I think. Vegetarians, sorry, nothing in dumpling form for you there. They have sesame pancakes for $1.50 and you can get some soup there too. I visited this place many a time when I lived around the Chinatown area my junior year of college. All my friends know about it, and if they don’t THEY’RE NOT MY FRIENDS!! No just kidding. At the very least my closest college friends all know about this place. There’s also another location on Mosco street which is off of Mott Street below Canal. Delicious.